Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jamming for a cause

Deccan Herald: Wednesday 3 February 2010

The evening saw former IIT students belting out a selection of Hindi songs —some old, some new

IITians from all over the country got together for some music, fellowship and above all, a good social cause at a well-attended event in the City recently.

The evening was also in aid of Hippocampus, an organisation that promotes reading habits among disadvantaged children, which was founded over six years ago.
“Many of the IITians used to jam in college and never lost their passion for music over the years.They were anxious to get together like in the old days, play out their passion for music and meet up with friends and family. Many also felt that since they are well-settled in life now and pursing different careers, they would like to come together and be part of a cause that gives back to society,” said Umesh Malhotra, founder of Hippocampus.

The evening began with a selection of light Hindi songs from yesteryears played and sung by former IIT students.
As they sang the old melodies, the appreciative audience kept tapping to the beat and humming to the well-loved old tunes.
Once the band moved into the more contemporary set of songs, many were inspired to get on to the dance floor and rock the night away.
“We hope to raise funds for worthy self-sustaining causes through initiatives like these which combine fellowship and social awareness. In fact, we were quite overwhelmed by the response today as many of our alumni came forward enthusiastically to help put this event together,” Umesh said.

“Bangalore alone has 20 self-sustaining libraries that helps children from economically disadvantaged background improve their reading skills and do away with the menace of tuition with the active participation of their parents,” added Umesh.
The evening’s programme was interspersed with presentations on the reach and scope of Hippocampus as well as with live music played by the talented band.
Besides Bollywood numbers, they also played a mix of rock and typical IIT style music keeping the crowd well-entertained.

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