Monday, October 5, 2009

The Pan IIT Band

Vijaya's words sum it up all:

Was watching a new reality show for choosing the best band from across India (no, I'm not suggesting we try our hand here!) - just to share an interesting fact - one of the bands was very proud of the fact that their band had people ranging in age from 20 to 45, and I felt we are one up on them - our ages range from 10 to 50!

Did you all know that our Pan-IIT band has given 3 performances within the past year (2009), and we've repeated just 4 songs out of 60 odd songs that we've done till now? Not bad, isnt it?

That's about the Pan IIT Band - it's made mainly of alumni from the various IITs and their kids. The youngest member is Nishant, Dilip & Shanti's son - he barely goes to the high school!! And then there's Vijaya - an alumnus of IITB from 1982 batch - the coordinator and the main anchor of the Pan IIT Band. In between there are people from all decades. Irrespective of the differences in age and profession, we all share a tremendous passion for music. It doesn't matter how well we perform (well, we do it better than many other local bands), we just LOVE to be together on stage from time to time!!

Special credit goes to Vijaya in getting together a number of music freaks of all ages and formally creating this Band. The first performance of this Pan IIT Band was sometime in late 2008 in a Pan IIT meet. The next one was in early 2009 at the 50th year celebration of IITB and the most recent one was for the IITM alumni meet in October 2009. That makes the three performances within a year.

Dilip & Shanti (both IITM alumni of the eighties) need special mention for hosting almost all the practice sessions. Without them all these shows won't have been possible.

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